Fast Lane Admissions

1. Description of the service: Fast Lane Admissions is an intermediary service provided by Best Schools in Spain (BSS) to help interested families connect with BSS member schools.

2.Application process: To access the Fast Lane Admissions service, the interested family must complete and submit the application form provided the school profiles on the BSS website.

3. Intermediary service: Once the application has been received, Fast Lane Admissions will launch its intermediary service. This involves communicating with the relevant schools on behalf of the family and relaying their concerns or questions.

4. Rapid response: The main objective of Fast Lane Admissions is to ensure a rapid response for families’ queries. However, the exact response time may vary depending on the availability and capacity of member schools.

5. No guarantee of admission: Best Schools in Spain does not guarantee admission to any particular school. The service is limited to facilitating the communication process and speeding up response times.

6. Communication and confidentiality: All communication between BSS, schools and families will be handled confidentially. Information provided on the application form and during provision of the intermediary service will be treated with care and respect for privacy.

7. Limited liability: BSS is not liable for decisions made by schools regarding the admission of students. This is ultimately dependent on the school and their selection process.

8. Changes to conditions: Best Schools in Spain reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be notified via the BSS website.

9. Acceptance of terms and conditions: The use of the Fast Lane Admissions service implies that the family concerned accepts and will fulfil these general conditions.