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The Best Schools in Spain are a benchmark in our country due to their quality, experience, tradition and excellent academic results.

Who are we?

A tool for families and schools that make up the BSS network

Best Schools in Spain is a tool to help families find the most suitable school for their children. The schools in our network are a benchmark in Spain due to their quality, experience, tradition and excellent academic results.

The BSS team works every day to ensure that all of our schools remain at the forefront of education. We support families seeking the best educational experience for their children in a foreign country.

What do we do for you?

The schools that we represent aspire to educational excellence and are fully commited to continuous innovation applying new methodologies and strengthening the digital knowledge of the younger generations. According to the results of the OECD’S PISA for Schools assessment, the Best Schools in Spain are significantly superior to other educational institutions in Spain, and also obtained better results than schools in key countries such as Finland, Japan or Korea.

International Vocation

In addition to national educational programmes, most BSS schools also offer international curriculums This is an ideal option for students that want to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British curriculum (GCSE and A Levels). This explains the international vocation of BSS schools and their ability to integrate foreign students, who often need programmes that are adapted to their individual needs.

Educational excellence and quality

Our schools undergo different evaluations and are subject to educational bodies that examine our levels of innovation, evolution, and digitalisation, continuously moving towards excellence in each of our services. This “excellence” is also measured in terms of other highly important factors, such as human, intellectual, or socio-affective development.

PISA for Schools, our external recognition

BSS schools have taken part in the PfS assessment since it began, thereby demonstrating their strong commitment to transparency with families and the educational community. For these schools, communicating the results of these assessments is an integral element of their corporate identity.


Where are we headed?

The Best Schools in Spain have an excellent academic record, are pioneers in educational innovation and focus on developing and enhancing their students’ learning and skills to expand their academic, professional, and personal opportunities.

Studying at one of these world-class schools is a guarantee of the best educational quality in the country, for parents and student. Therefore, our goal is to continue making progress in educational innovation, students’ skills and future opportunities and the quality of education.

According to the report “Get Hired: The Importance of Creativity and Soft ‘Skills”, the World Economic Forum, and Bloomberg: creativity, communication, strategic thinking, and leadership are the most desired soft skills, but are also the most difficult to find in the world of work.

For this reason, the Best Schools in Spain want to continue incorporating skills such as debate, public speaking, teamwork, social skills, analytical thinking, creativity, flexibility, and emotional intelligence.


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