Online teaching, an opportunity to improve education

The main benefits of distance learning

Distance learning was an unprecedented challenge that required students and teachers alike to adapt. This form of teaching goes hand in hand with a wide variety of innovative strategies, many of which were already in place at BSS schools before the pandemic. These establishments have proven that they are able to adjust these strategies to their educational projects, demonstrating their commitment to providing excellent teaching even in the most challenging situations.

Distance learning has seen a significant boom in recent years, especially with technological advances and the availability of online resources. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated this change by forcing schools around the world to adopt distance learning methods to ensure that students could continue with their studies.

A number of factors suggest that distance learning is here to stay:


Distance learning allows students to access educational content wherever and whenever they want, which gives them greater flexibility to adapt their studies to their personal and professional commitments and responsibilities.

Access to resources

Online educational resources such as videos, recorded lessons, e-books and learning platforms are increasingly available and accessible. This gives people who would otherwise not be able to get a traditional education — whether due to geographical, financial or other barriers — the opportunity to study.

Constant technological advances

The continual development of technology is constantly improving the online learning experience, with increasingly sophisticated tools for online interaction, collaboration and assessment. The Best Schools in Spain have implemented intuitive, student-centred e-learning platforms that offer a wide range of educational resources, interactive activities and collaboration tools.

Cost effectiveness

Distance learning can be less costly for both institutions and students, as there is no need for expensive physical infrastructure and the expenses associated with transport and life on campus are lower.

Changing labour market needs

The evolving demands of the labour market have led to an increasing need for life-long learning and skills development. Distance learning offers a convenient and effective way for people to acquire new skills or update their existing skills without taking a long break from their professional career.

Personalised guidance and support

Guidance programmes and virtual sessions providing personalised support can help students stay engaged and address their specific learning needs.

Working with students from all around the world

Distance learning can make it easier for students to work and share their ideas with their counterparts from different parts of the world, thereby broadening their horizons and increasing their understanding of other cultures.

While distance learning may not completely replace face-to-face education, it is still an integral part of today’s educational landscape that complements and enriches traditional teaching methods.

Distance learning was a significant challenge for the education sector, but it also created opportunities for innovation. BSS schools, which are always at the vanguard of education, have adopted innovative approaches to address these challenges and ensure that all students continue to receive a quality education.

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