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San Patricio School Madrid

The school trusted by generation after generation, St. Patrick’s provides proven educational excellence; A unique educational model that fosters individual passions and talents;

Spanish, English, French, German

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Pre-sports, Athletics School, Martial Arts (Judo - Karate), Chess, Tennis and Golf initiation


With canteen

School routes

A complete education for a global world;
Founded 60 years ago and a leader in international education, San Patricio has three schools in Madrid, an international school in the capital of Toledo (World Heritage Site) with a mixed student residence and a Foundation for educational research and social cooperation;
San Patricio is always at the top of the rankings of schools in Spain and its results in international tests (PISA) are unbeatable;
Its educational model focuses on the student’s profile and on innovation to improve learning; It has the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in place; in Madrid it offers the Diploma Program; One of its main objectives is to ensure that students adopt an active learning attitude for life;
  • MULTILINGUALISM: in addition to English, German and French are taught from the age of three.

  • EMOTIONAL EDUCATION: from 3 to 18 years of age, taught in a programmed and transversal way adapted to development through the i3e program (Emotional Intelligence in School Environments).

  • INTERNATIONAL PROFILE: In addition to the BI program, there is a complete internationalization program;

  • WE ENHANCE TALENT: through the San Patricio Art Center, which develops music, drama, plastic and visual arts programs; In addition, there is the opportunity to take the Bachillerato Artístico (Spanish-English);
21 months – 18 years
In 2022 Colegio San Patricio has been recognised as the best school in Spain by the prestigious ranking of the newspaper El Mundo in which it has been consistently ranked in the top 10 of the 100 best schools for more than 15 years;
Included in the top 10 of the 100 best schools in Spain by Forbes Magazine;
Other languages: French and German; In addition, students obtain a level of language proficiency that allows them to take the official exams of the University of Cambridge in English, the Goethe Institute in German and the Alliance Française in French, as well as the DELE (Spanish as a foreign language) diploma awarded by the Instituto Cervantes;
Extracurricular activities: Special artistic classes taught through the San Patricio Art Center, Basketball School and Competitive Basketball, Soccer School and Competitive Soccer, Volleyball School and Competitive Volleyball, Pre-sports, Athletics School, Martial Arts (Judo – Karate), Chess, Introduction to Tennis and Golf, Technology and Robotics, Special language classes;
Sports: Offered from pre-school, through the Sports Project and the Health Education program (with more than 30 sports teams in the school and official competitions).
Psychologist, Infirmary, Canteen, School routes
Library, Volleyball court, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories

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